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Zoe Daniel denies young people the right to own a home

The teal “independent” for Goldstein, Zoe Daniel, would deny young people in the electorate the chance to use their superannuation to get a toe hold in the housing market.

Ms Daniel in her platform states specifically that:

“First home owners schemes have run their course and should not be added to as they now merely serve to inflate house prices

The same is the case with access to superannuation as a means of buying a home.”

Young people should be allowed to use their own money in superannuation to help with a deposit for their first home.

Yet Ms Daniel rejects the Liberal plan to allow young people to access up to 40 percent of their super to get a toe hold in the housing market despite owning a house herself.

Further she wants to end First Home Owner Schemes.

The Liberal government’s various Home Guarantee Schemes, the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, the New Home Guarantee, and the Family Home Guarantee, have helped over. 60,000 Australians on their journey to home ownership.

Of these, 52 percent of the recipients were women. Of the more than 2600 single parent families who utilised the Family Home Guarantee, 85 per cent were single mothers.

Due to the success of the schemes in allowing people to get into the market, another 50,000 places have been made available annually from July 1, 2022.

Ms Daniel is out of touch and synch with the needs of people in Goldstein.


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