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Victorians must not be arbitrarily locked out of their homes

I am deeply concerned about the arbitrary manner in which the Victorian Government is preventing Victorians caught in ‘red zones’ from returning home.

Those trapped in a red zone are effectively being locked out of their home, separated from family and frequently prevented from working. This is causing very significant economic and mental health damage. This restriction may also breach the Victorian Charter of Human Rights.

While the risk of community transmission must be minimised, why are Victorians caught in a red zone not being given the opportunity to take a COVID test? Surely if a person tests negative he or she should be granted a permit to travel back to Victoria?

The treatment of Victorians now unable to leave Sydney must be proportionate to the health risk.

In light of increasing concerns about the lockout of Victorians, I call on Premier Daniel Andrews to urgently review the traffic light system.

17 January 2021

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