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Victorian Government must fix Green Spine planning issues

The Victorian Government must immediately fix the botched Green Spine plan including removing the buses out of Malop Street.

While I am pleased that a large amount of money won’t be wasted on remodelling the Green Spine between Moorabool St and Yarra St, I am concerned that many of the planning issues have been caused by the State Government’s failure to re-route the buses.

That the design of the Green Spine stops buses travelling east along Malop Street from turning right into Moorabool St highlights this planning failure.

The Morrison Liberal Government has committed $20.85 million towards the Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan under the Geelong City Deal.

While council is proposing that Commonwealth funds be used to construct further sections of the Green Spine, all planning issues must be resolved first.

Our government will not agree to any expenditure which risks wasting taxpayers’ money.

I believe the current Green Spine congestion issues can be resolved over time when motorists understand that it should not be used as a thoroughfare.

I remain very concerned about State Government threats to remove funding from other central Geelong projects such as the Laneways Project.  These funding threats must be withdrawn.

I also reiterate my long standing position that a proper regional planning authority should be established and that the Geelong Authority, a ministerial advisory committee, be abolished.

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