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Statement about Senator Murray Watt

In an interview with Ben Fordham on the 2GB breakfast program this morning, Senator Murray Watt misrepresented the abhorrent and offensive statement he made about me in the Senate on 24 March 2023.

This follows Senator Watt’s decision to similarly misrepresent his statement in a personal explanation he subsequently made to the Senate.

By reason that Senator Watt continues to promulgate this misrepresentation, I place on record that Senator Watt stated, in a question to Senator Birmingham whilst looking and pointing at me, words to the effect: Are you going to expel members who send text messages supporting Nazi sympathisers?

Whilst not captured in Hansard, other people in the Senate also heard Senator Watt state words to this effect.

It is a serious matter for any senator, but particularly a cabinet minister, to mislead the Senate.

Not only will I be referring this matter to the President, I will continue to call out vile conduct such as this which has no place in the Australian Parliament.

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