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Sharri, Sky News, 5 September 2023

Sharri Markson: Sarah Henderson, the Coalition has just tonight won a vote in the Senate to have an inquiry into the Albanese Government’s decision on Qatar Airways. What will you be trying to find out here?
Senator Henderson: Well Sharri, good evening and great to join you, and this is a very big win for the Coalition and to the shadow minister, Bridget McKenzie. We will be inquiring first and foremost into why the Albanese Government has not shown due respect for the cost of living crisis that Australians are facing, with of course, increasing airfares. So in blocking Qatar flights, and that’s what the inquiry is all about, we want to know what impact this has had on the economy and what drove this decision. I mean, Senator Sheldon talks about accountability, but where is the accountability of the Albanese Government? We have seen absolutely none and has done nothing to step in and say to Qantas, we have had enough. We are not going to put up with these high airline prices, and now of course, the ACCC has stepped in and taken legal action. So it’s a big win in the Senate today and we are going to scrutinise the Albanese Government’s failure to unblock Qatar flights very closely, which of course is driving up the price of international travel.

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