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Say No to Labor’s risky Voice

In the upcoming referendum on 14 October 2023, Australians have a very important opportunity to have their say on Labor’s risky Voice.

The Coalition supports recognition of Indigenous people in the Constitution, but Labor’s proposal goes far beyond this. The Voice to Parliament and the Executive represents the biggest constitutional change in our history, and no issue will be beyond its reach.

Labor’s Voice is legally risky, with unknown consequences, divisive and would be permanent.

Prime Minister Albanese has refused to provide even the most basic details about how the Voice would operate.

Some Voice supporters, however, have been upfront in saying it would be the first step to other radical changes, such as a treaty with reparations and compensation.

For such a significant change, the Government must reveal all of the details before the referendum so that Australians can properly be informed when they cast their vote.

Labor’s Voice is dividing Australia.

For instance, Mr Albanese promised at the high profile Garma Festival that the Voice would make children’s lives better.  Yet, in a gross act of hypocrisy, Labor axed the funding for Indigenous boarding schools in East Arnhem Land and the Pilbara and turned its back on Yipirinya School in Alice Springs.

This shows that the Albanese Government is refusing to listen to some of the most marginalised Indigenous voices in the country.

I say to Australians – if you don’t know, say no.

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