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Reflect, respect and celebrate this Australia Day

Our local community will soon come together to mark Australia Day 2020.

We are all part of the Story of Australia and Australia Day is an opportunity for all local residents to acknowledge the contribution that every Australian makes to our dynamic nation, regardless of background.

Australia Day is a day to reflect on where we have been and where we are going as a nation. It’s a day to listen to each other and respect each other’s stories and contributions. It’s a day to celebrate our extraordinary nation and our people with their unwavering community spirit and generosity.

This Australia Day we particularly celebrate those Australians who have in recent months fought bushfires, protected communities, tended to wildlife and supported the bushfire relief and recovery efforts.

On Australia Day, we reflect on our nation’s past, which began more than 60,000 years ago with Indigenous Australians – the world’s oldest living culture.

We celebrate our diversity and the extraordinary achievements that have made Australia the most successful multicultural society in the world and we welcome thousands of new citizens who will join us on Australia Day.

Much of Australia’s success is due to our shared values of respect for freedom of the individual, democracy, commitment to the rule of law and equality of opportunity regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

We all have different views and backgrounds but Australia Day is a day to respect and share the stories, histories and contributions everyday Australians have made and continue to make to our nation.

Unlike the current Member for Corangamite who has previously advocated for a change in the date of Australia Day, I fully support Australia Day celebrations and citizenship ceremonies on 26 January.

Australia Day is a day to reflect on and celebrate living in the greatest country in the world, where we have more opportunities, greater freedoms and more reasons to be optimistic than any other nation. It’s a day to celebrate together and celebrate being Australians. 

I encourage people to contact their local councils and media outlets to find locations and times of Australia Day events and celebrations in their neighbourhood. 

22 January 2020

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