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Morrison Government extends support for Victorians in lockdown

Thousands of Victorians unable to work during lockdown will be eligible for a payment of up to $500, through the Morrison Government’s new support package announced today.

The payment will be made available to anyone unable to work because of a lockdown lasting longer than a week in an area defined as a hotspot by the federal Chief Medical Officer.

Greater Melbourne is currently defined as a hotspot.

Eligible Victorians who would normally work more than 20 hours a week will receive $500, while those working less than that will receive $325.

Applications will be accepted from next Tuesday for people aged over 17 who have been stood down and lost their shifts.

Eligibility also requires people to have liquid assets of less than $10,000.

The payment is expected to cost $50 million a week for each 100,000 people on the payment with final details to be worked through at Cabinet tomorrow morning.

Across Victoria, the Morrison Government has provided and continues to provide an unprecedented level of direct economic support.

Over $45 billion has already flowed to Victorian families and businesses during COVID, with more direct federal economic support per capita going to Victoria than to any other state.

The amount of federal government direct economic support delivered to Victoria is around three times what has been delivered by the state government.

The Morrison Government will continue to provide support to Victorian families and businesses through this pandemic.

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