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Minister Neville owes Victorians an explanation

Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville owes Victorians an immediate explanation over the arrest of Ballarat woman Zoe Buhler.

The dramatic arrest of the pregnant woman on incitement charges, including being handcuffed in front of her two children when she appeared to present no threat, was callous and disproportionate.

I am also deeply concerned that this action does not represent a consistent application of the law.

Ms Buhler’s alleged crime was to post details of a protest she was planning on Facebook.

This dramatic arrest is in stark contrast to the Government’s failure to stop the Black Lives Matter protest on 6 June 2020.   The organisers of this protest were fined only.

Given the COVID-19 health restrictions in place, I reiterate that I do not endorse any protest for any reason.

Minister Neville needs to explain why a protest organiser who is not sympathetic to the Victorian Government’s actions is being treated so differently.

3 September 2020

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