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Labor’s Education Minister must explain lavish farewell party at taxpayer cost 

Monash University should be investing every last cent educating its students in the interests of our nation, not throwing lavish parties for the top end of town at taxpayer expense.

In a cost-of-living crisis, Labor’s Education Minister, Jason Clare, must explain how the former vice-chancellor of Monash and now Victorian governor, Margaret Gardner, could spend an astonishing $127,134 on her farewell dinner at the National Gallery of Victoria last July.

This excessive expenditure is untenable when so many university students can barely afford to put food on the table, made worse by escalating student debt driven by Labor’s sky-high inflation.

Universities receive a majority of their funding from the Commonwealth.

After I exposed Jason Clare’s restaurant rorts when education ‘meetings’ were held in fine dining restaurants, the Albanese government must do much better to ensure the proper use of taxpayer funds.

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