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Labor’s Corangamite MP must come clean on CFMMEU funding deal

Disturbing allegations surrounding Corangamite MP Libby Coker’s election require a full and honest explanation, according to Victorian Senator Sarah Henderson.

A report in today’s Age newspaper that the CFMMEU and other unions are demanding that Ms Coker ‘repay hundreds of thousands of dollars in Industrial Left union donations’ is extremely disturbing,” Senator Henderson said.

“Ms Coker needs to come clean with Corangamite residents about how much money her campaign received from the CFMMEU and other unions, what deals were done in return, whether Ms Coker has received any demand to pay back this money and, if so, what is her intention.”

“Revelations in today’s media name the CFMMEU’s John Setka as one of the union bosses pursuing repayment.“

“It is alleged that hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved. It’s also reported that the CFMMEU provided close to 100 volunteers to Ms Coker and Labor MP Ged Kearney.

Ms Coker also needs to reveal whether these union election donations were properly recorded and declared as required by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Ms Coker, who has reportedly defected to Victorian Labor’s extreme Socialist Left faction, appears to be more interested in factional war games than representing her constituents.”

“We know that shabby factional deals are rife in the Labor Party. Today’s allegations surrounding Ms Coker’s dispute with her union financial backers should be explained.”

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