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Labor must provide funding shortfall Surf Coast Aquatic Centre

I am delighted that Surf Coast Shire is supporting a $38.5 million Surf Coast Aquatic and Health Centre facility which includes a 50 metre pool.

This, in itself, is a massive win for the community underpinned by the Morrison Government’s $20 million commitment.

For community health and well being as well as swimming safety, I have long fought for this faciity. I am so proud of our funding commitment. I am delighted with the progress which has been made and thank Surf Coast Shire for its support.

Today I call on the Victorian Government to provide the $9 million that is required to match the Commonwealth funding so that this dream can be realised.

I am extremely hopeful that the state’s funding shortfall can be remedied.

I want to particularly acknoweldge the incredible community effort which has gone into advocating for an aquatic facilty including by the Surf Coast Aquatic Leisure Centre Action Group (SCALCAG). As they so passionately argued, build it and we will swim!

12 June 2020

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