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Henderson slams MIA Marles

Senator Sarah Henderson has slammed the so-called Deputy Leader of the Labor Party, Richard Marles for being missing in action and not up to the job.

“It is clear that Mr Marles is Deputy Leader in name only,” Senator Henderson said.

“With the Leader of the Labor Party Mr Albanese in COVID isolation, you would normally expect the Deputy Leader to step up.

“However, apart from reading about Mr Marles’ various China policy howlers in the recent past in the daily newspapers, the man himself has barely been seen.

“Instead, we have seen a cavalcade of anyone but Marles – Jim Chalmers, Jason Clare, Penny Wong.

“Indeed, Mr Marles is a notable absence from Labor’s defence policy announcement today.

“Mr Marles should do his job as Deputy Leader, come out of witness protection and explain his views on China”, Senator Henderson concluded.

26 April 2022

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