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Great hopes for Alcoa’s Anglesea mine

It was a pleasure to visit the former Alcoa coal mine in Anglesea to see first-hand the magical transformation which is underway.

Since the coal mine and power station closed in 2015, Alcoa has completed very major earth moving and environmental restoration works.

I am incredibly excited about the prospect of the Eden Project establishing a world class eco-tourism development at the site.

The Eden Project Anglesea represents an incredible vision.

I have been pleased to meet with Eden and Alcoa representatives over a number of months to discuss how this dream might be realised.

Shortly, Alcoa will commence a 12 month testing program to determine if it’s environmentally feasible to use the Anglesea aquifer to fill the coal mine over a number of years.  The Eden Project concept depends on the creation of a large lake which would take decades if rainfall was the only source of water.  Underground water must only be utilised if it meets strict environmental standards.

Eden is a UK-based educational and environmental charity which has partnered with Alcoa to investigate the prospects of bringing the Eden Project to Anglesea.  Such a project would support 1,300 new jobs and would generate $350 million in the Surf Coast Shire in the first 10 years of operation.

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