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Geelong manufacturers plead for Labor to abandon draconian IR laws

Geelong’s manufacturing industry is under threat from the Albanese Government and its radical overhaul of industrial relations laws.

Senator for Victoria, Sarah Henderson, says the government must heed the warning of the Geelong Manufacturing Council (GMC) which raised its concerns in a letter to the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Tony Burke.

The GMC has called for the complete rejection of the remaining elements of the “Closing Loopholes” legislation and pleaded for the government to shift its focus and ease the heavy regulatory burden on the industry.

The proposed laws were introduced by the Albanese Government to mandate equal pay for employees performing the same job which is a misguided attempt to promote fairness in the workplace.

The Coalition has argued strongly that it will punish business owners by meddling with labour-hire requirements and ultimately weaken local communities.

“These laws represent a blatant attack on Geelong manufacturers but the Albanese Government isn’t listening,” Senator Henderson said.

“Richard Marles and Libby Coker are providing such poor representation to our community that they cannot even stand up for Geelong manufacturers.”

“Manufacturers in Geelong and across Victoria are being forced to watch as the Albanese government frantically attempts to amend its own bill. It is making a real mess of IR laws which are putting jobs at risk.”

Senator Henderson said the Coalition was waiting to see the full details of any amendments put forward by the Government before considering its formal position.

The statement from the GMC was another shot across the bow of a government which has lost its way, she said.

“Geelong is a proud centre of manufacturing excellence which is now under threat from this irresponsible Albanese Government,” Senator Henderson said.

“Whether it’s cost of living, infrastructure cuts, national security or manufacturing jobs, the Albanese Government is causing real harm to local residents.”

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