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Dunkley By-Election, 2 minute statements

I rise to speak on the important opportunity for voters in Dunkley this Saturday. This weekend’s by-election is a crucial opportunity to elect a true community champion, three-time Frankston mayor, Nathan Conroy, who has an unrivalled track record in delivering for his community. Nathan grew up in social housing in Ireland. His young mum raised three children, juggled three jobs and studied by night before starting a childcare company. It is through her that Nathan learned the values of hard work and resilience. He came to Australia as a 19-year-old. He met his wife, Steffie, who grew up in Carrum Downs, where they moved six years ago before moving to Frankston South. As Mayor of Frankston, Nathan has delivered more infrastructure, better services and greater financial accountability.

The by-election is also a critical opportunity to send this hopeless and incompetent Albanese Labor government a message. We have had enough, Australians have had enough and the people of Dunkley have had enough. Send Labor a message that it needs to do better on tackling inflation, interest rates, the crippling cost of living and sky-high increases in the price of groceries, electricity, gas and petrol. As I raised in question time yesterday, even Labor is telling its own focus groups about the concerns of the people of Dunkley: ‘Our grocery bills are getting more expensive.’ ‘Prime Minister Albanese is not doing anything about petrol prices.’ He’s wasted a year talking about his Voice referendum and spending time overseas.’ ‘Rents are going up.’

This Saturday the voters of Dunkley have a real opportunity. Vote 1: Nathan Conroy, Liberal for Dunkley.


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