Sharri, Sky News, 14 June 2020

Panel discussion with Senator Amanda Stoker and Boothby MP Nicole Flint on the need for a review of the Australian Honours System and the very significant support being provided to child care sector.

14 June 2020

Credlin, Sky News, 5 June 2020

With Peta Credlin and Peter Jennings of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute on Sky News Australia to discuss the Scott Morrison (ScoMo) Government’s very significant #FIRB reforms including a new national security test on all foreign acquisitions and powers to force asset disposals.

5 June 2020

Sky News, 1 June 2020

 On AM Agenda speaking about the Government’s financial support for all Australians including the early release of super, and the wall of silence from left wing Victorian Labor MPs over the jobs destroying Belt and Road deal.

1 June 2020