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Bolt Report, Sky News, 29 January 2024

Andrew Bolt: Let me now cross to an Australia Day celebration – three days after the day itself. It’s being held in Melbourne – the woke capital of Australia – even more incredibly.

Joining me from Frankston Football Club is Sarah Henderson, the Federal opposition’s education spokeswoman. Sarah, what is this? You never struck me as a woman who goes on benders. Why are you still partying?

Senator Henderson: Well, Andrew, great to join you from the Frankston footy club. The Liberal faithful are celebrating Australia Day, of course and Nathan Conroy, our candidate for Dunkley. We’re out on the hustings with him. And of course, I’m asking all people in Dunkley to send a message to Anthony Albanese – vote against this terrible government and elect Nathan Conroy. But it’s a great day here in Dunkley.

Andrew Bolt: The thing is, Sarah, I’m sensing a real uneasiness among many Australians about these attacks on Australia Day – against Australia itself, its history as taught in schools, for instance. It’s these attacks on its institutions. I don’t know, I think this is going to be a really big issue in all the myriad ways that it manifests itself for the Coalition this year. What is to be done?

Senator Henderson: Well, Andrew, it’s absolutely appalling. In in my region, the Geelong region, the local councillors have turned their back on Australia Day. The City of Greater Geelong, Andrew, has even passed a motion declaring that they will not mention the words “Australia Day” in any of its materials.

And would you believe they have made a calendar, sent it to some 139,000 local homes, and on the 26th of January, the words “Australia Day” do not appear.

That is an absolute disgrace. I condemn the City of Greater Geelong and all councils (which) have turned their back on Australia Day and as you say, Australians are fed up. We love our country. We want to celebrate all that is wonderful. And of course, we want to celebrate our great nation.

So, this is divisive. And of course, it’s being fueled by Anthony Albanese, (who) changed the rules, and has now given councils the opportunity not to hold citizenship ceremonies on the 26th of January. And, of course, that’s led to further division.

Andrew Bolt: That is so true. Sarah Henderson, thank you so much for your time and happy Australia Day – plus three – to you, really appreciate it. Let’s make it Australia Day every day.

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