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Bendigo ratepayers pay the price

I remain deeply concerned about the proposal to sell off council’s Lyttleton Terrace site without adequate transparency or financial governance.

While I have no issue with the development of a GovHub for Bendigo, why are Bendigo ratepayers bearing the financial burden of this development including paying an anticipated $2 million a year in rent?

The decision goes before Council tomorrow night.

If a majority of councillors vote to proceed with this sell off, the people of Bendigo will be left with no council building and a massive financial burden, just to appease the state government.

I am also concerned about the support for this sell off by Bendigo MP Lisa Chesters under circumstances where she has not declared that one of the councillors is her partner. If she is going to buy into this issue, she needs to declare her conflict of interest so the community can judge her accordingly.

19 May 2020

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