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Bendigo ensures Defence’s new logistics vehicles are ready

The Morrison Liberal Government’s $5 billion investment in the Army’s next generation logistic vehicle fleet achieved Initial Operating Capability and is ready for Australian Defence Force (ADF) training and major exercises.

Under Project Overlander, 3,751 vehicles, 4,730 modules and 2,565 trailers will be delivered across the ADF.

Senator Sarah Henderson, Senator for Victoria, said that Defence industry in Bendigo also played an important role in another component of the project Land121 Phase 3B.

“Under Phase 3B of the project, the engineering design and base vehicle upgrades for the Protected Mobility Maintenance Vehicle were completed in Bendigo by Thales in 2017,” Senator Henderson said.

“This shows that Victoria has the potential to be a defence industry powerhouse, with regional cities like Bendigo and Geelong in the box seat to secure more work like this.”

These new medium, heavy and semi-trailer vehicles replace a fleet that is more than 30 years old with a next-generation vehicle and specialist modules.

They will be used for a range of military deployments, from resupplying combat operations to supporting Defence’s assistance to Australian and regional communities after natural disasters.

The new fleet has already provided support for a range of Defence operations in Australia, including the response to the Townsville floods and Defence’s ongoing contributions to Operation Bushfire Assist.

The fleet has also supported our Pacific neighbours, for both security operations and partnered exercises.

Australian industry continues to benefit from around $1.5 billion in acquisition and facilities with ongoing production being carried out by Australian or Australian‑based companies.

20 February 2020

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