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Avalon the right choice for Australia’s first purpose-built quarantine facility

I am delighted that the Morrison Government has reached agreement in principle with the Victorian Government to construct and operate a purpose-built state of the art quarantine facility in Victoria.

I have been a very strong supporter of an Avalon quarantine facility since it was first proposed by Avalon Airport. Not only would this allow returning travellers to fly directly into Avalon and travel a short way to their accommodation, it would be a huge boost for jobs and our local economy.

As announced by the Prime Minister today, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between the Federal Government and the Victorian Government providing that the Commonwealth would be responsible for construction of such a facility, with the state government responsible for its operations.

While the details of this agreement are to be finalised over the coming weeks including as to the location, I am very hopeful that Avalon Airport will be selected.

The Morrison Government has already developed a 2,000 bed facility at Howards Springs in the Northern Territory at a cost of a half a billion dollars.

The Avalon proposal would add significantly to this capacity and build on hotel quarantine services offered by the Victorian Government.

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