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Albanese Government must deliver an urgent plan for Geelong manufacturing workers

Senator for Victoria, Sarah Henderson, has called on the Albanese Government to urgently intervene to protect hundreds of manufacturing jobs in Geelong.

In devastating news, Ford has announced that 400 jobs will be lost nationally, with fears of a large number of job losses at Ford’s Research and Development Centre in north Geelong and the Lara Proving Ground.* This follows the loss of 170 Ford jobs nationally in March.

“This is another very dark day for Geelong under the Albanese Labor Government. This comes after two Labor Budgets which delivered nothing new for our region and the axing of hundreds of defence industry jobs under the Howitzer project,” Senator Henderson said.

In July 2013, after Ford announced the end of car manufacturing under the former Labor government, the Coalition Government, following its election in September 2013, delivered a wide range of investments in Geelong manufacturing jobs.

“In the midst of Labor’s cost of living crisis, where is the Albanese Government’s plan to support Geelong manufacturing workers? The government must intervene to deliver an urgent plan to safeguard Geelong manufacturing jobs. Fuelled by Labor’s sky high inflation, many families are already struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table. These jobs losses could not come at a worse time for our community,” Senator Henderson said.

“This is happening on Richard Marles’ watch who has no plan to protect Geelong manufacturing jobs. Mr Marles is tone-deaf to the cost of living pressures so many people are facing,” Senator Henderson said.

Labor’s razor gang which is reviewing hundreds of infrastructure projects, including Geelong Fast Rail, is also threatening to axe thousands of manufacturing and construction jobs.

“Since the Albanese Government was elected, Australian manufacturers have been hit hard by Labor’s reckless IR policies, escalating power prices and skyrocketing inflation. I am deeply concerned that these job losses are only the tip of the iceberg,” Senator Henderson concluded.

*Currently, there are 350 people employed at the Ford Research and Development Centre in north Geelong, which is responsible for the design and development of the Ranger and Everest vehicles, and 450 people employed at the Lara Proving Ground.

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