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A resounding no from regional Victoria

The comprehensive vote against Labor’s divisive Voice across regional Victoria and Melbourne’s outer suburbs shows the Albanese Government has stopped listening to large numbers of Australians.

For many months, it has been clear that Labor is more interested in the activists, inner-city elites and big corporations rather than in ordinary Australians.

Australians are also deeply concerned that the government has not been focused on the cost of living crisis that so many are facing.

Labor’s Voice was all about dividing our country, not uniting us as one Australia, and regional and outer-suburban Victorians voted against changing our Constitution in droves.

I thank the hundreds of volunteers who helped on the No campaign across Victoria including in my patron seats of Aston, Ballarat, Bendigo, Corangamite, Corio, Gorton, Hawke, Indi and Lalor, all of which were a majority No.

In safe Labor seats such as Ballarat, Bendigo, Corio and Gorton, there were big swings against Labor’s Voice where federal MPs Catherine King, Lisa Chesters, Richard Marles and Brendan O’Connor dismally failed to prosecute the case for Yes.

We live in the greatest democracy in the world. It is now vital that we heal our country after this most difficult and divisive time.

It is time the Albanese Government turned its attention to the most marginalised and disadvantaged Indigenous people in the country including Indigenous children, some of whom have suffered from Labor funding cuts to Indigenous schools.

Closing the gap means fixing the remote education funding crisis, particularly in the Northern Territory.

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