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Coalition’s investments in Bendigo Airport deliver a major economic boost

The Bendigo Airport redevelopment is a very significant milestone for the Bendigo community.

Backed by $4.5 million from the former Coalition government, I am delighted that Bendigo Airport’s terminal and business park has received this major investment in partnership with council and the state government.

The upgraded airport will provide a big economic boost for the region. With an expanded apron and new terminal facilities, the airport is now able to cater for new airlines and more flights.

The Coalition government invested more than $10 million in Bendigo Airport. Earlier grants include:

  • • $300,000 under round two of the Regional Airports Program to fully fund the construction of a helicopter stand and a fuel truck parking area, vital for emergency services;
  • • $465,000 under round one of the Regional Airports Program to fund an expansion of the airport’s passenger transport apron and construct a run-up area; and
  • • $5 million to construct a new runway to suit aircraft capable of carrying up to 70 passengers, as well as to upgrade lighting, taxiways and associated infrastructure.


The Albanese Government’s attempt today to take credit for the Coalition’s investments in Bendigo Airport are regrettable.

Since Labor was elected, it has not delivered one extra dollar to the airport.

Rather than mislead the community,  I call on Labor and Bendigo MP Lisa Chesters to start investing in the infrastructure projects the people of Bendigo deserve.

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