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I am proud of the funding we have delivered for important road upgrades across the Corangamite electorate under the Bridges Renewal Program, Roads to Recovery and the Black Spot Program .

The Morrison Liberal Government has also committed $4.9m to upgrade the intersection of Birregurra-Forrest Road and Colac-Lorne/Deepdene Roads , $5m for a safety boost for Hamilton Highway , $6m for a roundabout at the intersection of Cape Otway Rd and Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Rd and $5m to upgrade Murradoc Road, St Leonards .

Bridges Renewal Program:

We have provided $4,675,500 to upgrade three vital bridges in Corangamite.

  • Moggs Creek Bridge Replacement, $1.985m
  • Wye River Bridge Replacement, $2.39m
  • Pitfield-Cressy Rd Bridge Replacement, $300,000

Roads to Recovery:

Under Roads to Recovery, councils have the responsibility of nominating the works which need to be undertaken. We provided more than $23 million for the following local roads:

Borough of Queenscliffe

  • Point Lonsdale : Ocean Road, Bowen Rd & Nelson Rd, $231,274

TOTAL: $231,274

Colac Otway Shire Council

  • Apollo Bay: Costin Street,from Montrose Avenue to Seymour Crescent, $125,764
  • Apollo Bay: Costin Street, $7,389
  • Apollo Bay: Busty Road, $638,270
  • Apollo Bay: Mulgrews Road, $102,619
  • Apollo Bay: Barham River Road, $92,591
  • Apollo Bay: Busty Road, $45,743
  • Apollo Bay: Murray Street, $600,000
  • Apollo Bay: Pascoe Street, $300,000
  • Birregurra: Conns Lane, $490,880
  • Birregurra: Barry Street, $7,000
  • Birregurra and Yeodene: Colac-Lorne Road, $249,276
  • Birregurra: Colac Lorne Road, $48,462
  • Birregurra: Conns Lane, $42,405
  • Beech Forest: Dehnerts Track, $32,361
  • Beech Forest: Dehnerts Track, $409,562
  • Forrest: Aroona Court, $65,466
  • Forrest: Aroona Court, $22,054
  • Gellibrand Sth : Old Beech Forest Road, $53,800
  • Hordern Vale: Costins Access, $150,000
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, South from Bullivant Road, $256,719
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, $237,299
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, $51,465
  • Irrewarra: Triggs Road $48,747
  • Irrewarra: Drapers Road intersection with Triggs Road, $168,141
  • Irrewarra: Ryans Road, $324,363
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, $41,860
  • Irrewarra: Collins Road, $61,873
  • Irrewarra: Ryans Road, $30,488
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, $161,981
  • Marengo: Ferrier Road, $6,040
  • Marengo: Ferrier Drive, $121,946
    Marengo: Ferrier Drive, from Great Ocean Road to Cemetery Road, $32,941
  • Marengo: Ferrier Drive, $4,660
  • Murroon: Division Road, $34,272
  • Murroon: Division Road, $373,208
  • Yeo: Trasks Road, $298,165
  • Yeo: Old Yeo Road, $176,945
  • Yeo: Collins Road, $528,003
  • Yeo: Old Yeo Road, $21,185
  • Warncoort: Colac-Lorne Road, $269,918
  • Warncoort: Colac-Lorne Road, $37,834

TOTAL: 6,771,695

Golden Plains Shire Council

  • Bamganie: Meredith-Shelford Road, from Bannockburn-Shelford Road $796,245
  • Meredith: Meredith-Mt Mercer Road, at the end of Staughton Street, $261,516
  • Bannockburn: Milton Street between Moreillon Boulevard and Mowbray Way, $288,890
  • Bannockburn: Mason Road, $70,640
  • Bannockburn: McPhillips Road, between Victor Street and Imperial Way.$794,721
  • Bannockburn: McPhillips Road, Shelford-Bannockburn Road to Imperial Way, $24,400
  • Bannockburn: McPhillips Road, $622,164
  • Bannockburn: Burnside Road between Charlton Road and Glen Avon Drive, $83,390
  • Bannockburn: Dann Road, from Clyde Road $22,612
  • Garibaldi: Hardies Hill Road from McKees Road to Bibby Lane, $189,219
  • Inverleigh: Barwon Park Road, $543,170
  • Inverleigh: Terrier Road from Cemetery Road, $114,213
  • Inverleigh: Barwon Park Road from Hamilton Highway to Morgan Road, $459,780
  • Lethbridge: Tall Tree Road, from English Road, $460,277
  • Lethbridge: Tall Tree Road, from Russell Street, $694,699
  • Meredith : Meredith-Mt Mercer Road, $499,728
  • Meredith: Meredith - Mt Mercer Road, $9,800
  • Meredith: Ballan-Meredith Road, from Midland Highway to O'Briens Road, $53,414
  • Shelford: Meredith Road from Shelford-Bannockburn Road, $144,578
  • Shelford: Thomson Street from Bannockburn - Shelford Road, $60,245
  • Shelford: Meredith Shelford Road, $321,592
  • Wingeel: Wingeel Road, from Rokewood - Shelford Road, $67,907

TOTAL: $6,021,980

Surf Coast Shire

  • Aireys Inlet: Great Ocean Road, Painkalac Creek to Inlet Crescent $21,381
  • Aireys Inlet, Torquay, Anglesea & Lorne : Bambra Aireys Inlet Road, from Old Coach Road to Winchelsea Deans Marsh Road; Ghazeepore Road, From Coombes Road to Dickins Road; Elkington Road, from Great Ocean Road to Vickerys Road; Erskine Falls Road, From Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road to Erskine Falls Access Road, $16,500
  • Anglesea: Cameron Road, Camp Rd Roundabout to Cameron Road Roundabout $168,133
  • Anglesea: School Road, Anglesea Rd To Great Ocean Rd, $247,658
  • Anglesea, Gherang & Lorne: Gum Flats Road, from Forest Road to Wensleydale Station Road; Tanners Road, from Forest Road to Wormbete Station Road; Benwerrin Mount Sabine Road, from Deans Marsh Lorne Road to Delaneys Road, $13,500
  • Bambra: Bambra-Aireys Inlet Road, From Old Telegraph Road to Jinda Park Lane, Bambra, $57,000
  • Bambra: Bambra Boonah Road, from Whites Track to Retreat Road, $70,000
  • Barrabool: Pollocksford Road Pollocksford Road from Nobles Road, $644,940
  • Bellbrae: Great Ocean Road Service Road, Elkington Road to Forest Road, $159,911
  • Deans Marsh: Old Lorne road, Deans Marsh-Lorne Road to Deans Marsh Lorne road, $43,000
  • Gnarwarre: Barrabool Road - Gnarwarre Road To Reads Rd, $45,062
  • Jan Juc: Sunset Strip, Wattle Court to Cantala Road, $59,349
  • Lorne: Erskine Falls Roadfrom Polwarth Road to Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road, $95,000
  • Lorne: Normanby Terrace, from Erskine Street to end of Road, $58,000
  • Mount Duneed: Dickens Road, Ghazeepore Road to Surf Coast Highway $110,974
  • Paraparap : Forest Road, Larcombes Road to Grays Road, $310,000
  • Pennyroyal: Pennyroyal Wymbooliel Road, From Pennyroyal School Road to State Forest $118,000
  • Torquay: Fischer Street, Roundabout at Beach Road to Darian Road, $49,502
  • Torquay: The Esplanade, Beach Road to Darian Road $379,795
  • Torquay: Great Ocean Road, Bell Street to Hoylake Avenue $255,039
  • Torquay: Beach Road, Kooringa Place to Surf Coast Highway $100,000
  • Torquay: Fischer Street, Road Fischer Street - Roundabout at Beach Rd $37,500
  • Torquay: Bristol Road, Surf Coast Highway To Payne Street $59,824
  • Torquay: Horseshoe Bend Road - South Beach Rd to Start Dividing Carriage, $300,000
  • Torquay: Horseshoe Bend Road - Roundabout at South Beach Road, $212,254
  • Torquay: Darian Road from Surf Coast Highway to Fischer Street, $579,701
  • Winchelsea: Gosney Street, Armytage Street to Murrell Street $44,212
  • Winchelsea - Inverleigh: Flemings Road, Barwon Park Road To Bridge Over Warrambine Creek, $16,907
  • Winchelsea: Cape Otway Road, Lloyd Mews to Taylors Road $567,898
  • Winchelsea: Cape Otway Road - Brickmakers Road To Fultons Lane $50,542
  • Winchelsea: Cape Otway Road - Hendy Main Rd To Nr Lowndes Rd, $44,000
  • Winchelsea: Armytage Road, Kellys Lane To Cressy Road $135,068
  • Winchelsea: Gnawarre Road, 1000 metres from Peels Road to 1000 metres from Inverleigh Road, $108,577
  • Winchelsea: Cape Otway Road, Connies Lane To Gherang Road, $1,000,000
  • Winchelsea: Wormbete Station Road, Centre Rd To Wensleydale Station Rd $84,032
  • Winchelsea: Hesse Street - Princes Hwy To End Hesse Street, $62,473
  • Winchelsea: Hesse Street, Main Street to Armytage Street, $33,000

TOTAL: $6,358,732

City of Greater Geelong

  • Barwon Heads: Ewing Blyth Drive, Jetty Road to Bluff Road, $265,000
  • Breamlea: Blyth Street, Scott Street to Vagg Street, $25,000
  • Clifton Springs: Dandarriga Drive, Beacon Point Road to Narawi Avenue, $1,493,000
  • Ceres: Gully Road – Barrabool Road: $10,500
  • Charlemont: Barwarre Road from Reserve Road to Boundary Road, $45,291
  • Connewarre: Staceys Road, Barwon Heads Road to Lake Road, $20,000
  • Connewarre: Staceys Road from Lake Road, $36,459
  • Drysdale: Banks Road, $72,000
  • Drysdale: Soho Road between Murradoc Road to Andersons Road, $59,565
  • Leopold: Melaluka Road Intersection of Geelong-Portarlington Road and Melaluka Road, $200,000
  • Leopold: Melaluka Road, Geelong-Portarlington Road to Bellarine Highway, $760,000
  • Leopold & Portarlington: Clifton Avenue, Geelong-Portarlington Road, Point Richards Road, Geelong-Portarlington Road to Boat Road, Tower Road, and Geelong-Portarlington Road to Alison Street, $40,500 (Shared funding with road upgrades in the Corio electorate)
  • Marcus Hill: Maddens Lane, Swan Bay Road to Bellarine Highway, $48,000
  • Marshall: Drews Road, Orpington Crescent to Reserve Road, $19,000
  • Marshall: Barwarre Road, Grove Road to Ardeche Lane, $190,000
  • Moolap: Wellington Street, Townsend Road to Woods Road, $16,000
  • Moolap: Caledonia Street, from Geelong-Portarlington Road to Kildorary Street, $28,762
  • Moolap: Clifton Avenue between Geelong-Portarlington Road and Bellarine Highway, $67,142
  • Portarlington: Grassy Point Road, Batman Road to Mitchell Street, $80,000
  • St Leonards: Old St Leonards Road, 40 metres either side of Ibbotson Street intersection, $41,000
  • St Leonards: Ibbotson Street, commencing 0.4 kilometres north of Old St Leonards Road through to Martin Street, $71,000
  • St Leonards: Harvey Road, commencing 0.5 kilometres west of Ibbotson Street through to 0.7 kilometres east of Ibbotson Street, $49,000
  • Waurn Ponds: Ghazeepore Road, Whites Road to Mount Duneed Road, $40,000

TOTAL: $3,677,219

Black Spot Program:

The Australian Government is providing $744.5 million to the Black Spot Program between 2013-14 and 2021-22 to improve road safety across the nation, which includes more than $6.8 million for the following Coranagmite roads:

  • Anglesea: Forest Road Gums Flats Road to Nortons Road, $500,500
  • Lorne: William Street Otway Street to Smith Street, $129,900
  • Mannerim: Swan Bay Road from Maddens Lane to West of Portarlington Queenscliff Road, $861,000
  • Meredith: Meredith Steiglitz Road Pioneer Ridge Road to Eclipse Road, $499,000
  • Modewarre: Cape Otway Road Between Gherang Road and Considines Road, $1,155,000
  • Moolap: High Street from Coppards Road to Moolap Station Road, $368,000
  • Moriac: Cape Otway Road Taylors Road, $110,000
  • Mount Duneed: Horseshoe Bend Road McCanns Road to west of Thompson Creek, $499,800
  • Point Lonsdale: Lawrence Road Fellows Road, $58,000
  • Torquay: Blackgate Road Horseshoe Bend Road to Minya Lane, $804,000
  • Wurdiboluc: Cape Otway Road Between Marshmans Outlet Road and Parish Lane, $1,800,000
  • Wurdiboluc: Cape Otway Road 4km Section Around Wurdiboluc Reservoir, $60,000

TOTAL: $6,845,200

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