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I am proud of the funding we have delivered for important road upgrades across the Corangamite electorate under the Bridges Renewal Program, Roads to Recovery and the Black Spot Program.

The Morrison Liberal Government has also committed $4.9m to upgrade the intersection of Birregurra-Forrest Road and Colac-Lorne/Deepdene Roads and $5m for a safety boost for Hamilton Highway.

Bridges Renewal Program:

We have provided $4,675,500 to upgrade three vital bridges in Corangamite.
  • Moggs Creek Bridge Replacement, $1.985m
  • Wye River Bridge Replacement, $2.39m
  • Pitfield-Cressy Rd Bridge Replacement, $300,000
Roads to Recovery:

Under Roads to Recovery, councils have the responsibility of nominating the works which need to be undertaken. We provided more than $23 million for the following local roads:

Borough of Queenscliffe
  • Point Lonsdale: Ocean Road, Bowen Rd & Nelson Rd, $231,274
TOTAL: $231,274

Colac Otway Shire Council
  • Apollo Bay: Costin Street,from Montrose Avenue to Seymour Crescent, $125,764
  • Apollo Bay: Costin Street, $7,389
  • Apollo Bay: Busty Road, $638,270
  • Apollo Bay: Mulgrews Road, $102,619
  • Apollo Bay: Barham River Road, $92,591
  • Apollo Bay: Busty Road, $45,743
  • Apollo Bay: Murray Street, $600,000
  • Apollo Bay: Pascoe Street, $300,000
  • Birregurra: Conns Lane, $490,880
  • Birregurra: Barry Street, $7,000
  • Birregurra and Yeodene: Colac-Lorne Road, $249,276
  • Birregurra: Colac Lorne Road, $48,462
  • Birregurra: Conns Lane, $42,405
  • Beech Forest: Dehnerts Track, $32,361
  • Beech Forest: Dehnerts Track, $409,562
  • Forrest: Aroona Court, $65,466
  • Forrest: Aroona Court, $22,054
  • Gellibrand Sth: Old Beech Forest Road, $53,800
  • Hordern Vale: Costins Access, $150,000
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, South from Bullivant Road, $256,719
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, $237,299
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, $51,465
  • Irrewarra: Triggs Road $48,747
  • Irrewarra: Drapers Road intersection with Triggs Road, $168,141
  • Irrewarra: Ryans Road, $324,363
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, $41,860
  • Irrewarra: Collins Road, $61,873
  • Irrewarra: Ryans Road, $30,488
  • Irrewarra: Warrowie Road, $161,981
  • Marengo: Ferrier Road, $6,040
  • Marengo: Ferrier Drive, $121,946 Marengo: Ferrier Drive, from Great Ocean Road to Cemetery Road, $32,941
  • Marengo: Ferrier Drive, $4,660
  • Murroon: Division Road, $34,272
  • Murroon: Division Road, $373,208
  • Yeo: Trasks Road, $298,165
  • Yeo: Old Yeo Road, $176,945
  • Yeo: Collins Road, $528,003
  • Yeo: Old Yeo Road, $21,185
  • Warncoort: Colac-Lorne Road, $269,918
  • Warncoort: Colac-Lorne Road, $37,834
TOTAL: 6,771,695

Golden Plains Shire Council
  • Bamganie: Meredith-Shelford Road, from Bannockburn-Shelford Road $796,245
  • Meredith: Meredith-Mt Mercer Road, at the end of Staughton Street, $261,516
  • Bannockburn: Milton Street between Moreillon Boulevard and Mowbray Way, $288,890
  • Bannockburn: Mason Road, $70,640
  • Bannockburn: McPhillips Road, between Victor Street and Imperial Way.$794,721
  • Bannockburn: McPhillips Road, Shelford-Bannockburn Road to Imperial Way, $24,400
  • Bannockburn: McPhillips Road, $622,164
  • Bannockburn: Burnside Road between Charlton Road and Glen Avon Drive, $83,390
  • Bannockburn: Dann Road, from Clyde Road $22,612
  • Garibaldi: Hardies Hill Road from McKees Road to Bibby Lane, $189,219
  • Inverleigh: Barwon Park Road, $543,170
  • Inverleigh: Terrier Road from Cemetery Road, $114,213
  • Inverleigh: Barwon Park Road from Hamilton Highway to Morgan Road, $459,780
  • Lethbridge: Tall Tree Road, from English Road, $460,277
  • Lethbridge: Tall Tree Road, from Russell Street, $694,699
  • Meredith: Meredith-Mt Mercer Road, $499,728
  • Meredith: Meredith - Mt Mercer Road, $9,800
  • Meredith: Ballan-Meredith Road, from Midland Highway to O'Briens Road, $53,414
  • Shelford: Meredith Road from Shelford-Bannockburn Road, $144,578
  • Shelford: Thomson Street from Bannockburn - Shelford Road, $60,245
  • Shelford: Meredith Shelford Road, $321,592
  • Wingeel: Wingeel Road, from Rokewood - Shelford Road, $67,907
TOTAL: $6,021,980

Surf Coast Shire
  • Aireys Inlet: Great Ocean Road, Painkalac Creek to Inlet Crescent $21,381
  • Aireys Inlet, Torquay, Anglesea & Lorne : Bambra Aireys Inlet Road, from Old Coach Road to Winchelsea Deans Marsh Road; Ghazeepore Road, From Coombes Road to Dickins Road; Elkington Road, from Great Ocean Road to Vickerys Road; Erskine Falls Road, From Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road to Erskine Falls Access Road, $16,500
  • Anglesea: Cameron Road, Camp Rd Roundabout to Cameron Road Roundabout $168,133
  • Anglesea: School Road, Anglesea Rd To Great Ocean Rd, $247,658
  • Anglesea, Gherang & Lorne: Gum Flats Road, from Forest Road to Wensleydale Station Road; Tanners Road, from Forest Road to Wormbete Station Road; Benwerrin Mount Sabine Road, from Deans Marsh Lorne Road to Delaneys Road, $13,500
  • Bambra: Bambra-Aireys Inlet Road, From Old Telegraph Road to Jinda Park Lane, Bambra, $57,000
  • Bambra: Bambra Boonah Road, from Whites Track to Retreat Road, $70,000
  • Barrabool: Pollocksford Road Pollocksford Road from Nobles Road, $644,940
  • Bellbrae: Great Ocean Road Service Road, Elkington Road to Forest Road, $159,911
  • Deans Marsh: Old Lorne road, Deans Marsh-Lorne Road to Deans Marsh Lorne road, $43,000
  • Gnarwarre: Barrabool Road - Gnarwarre Road To Reads Rd, $45,062
  • Jan Juc: Sunset Strip, Wattle Court to Cantala Road, $59,349
  • Lorne: Erskine Falls Roadfrom Polwarth Road to Benwerrin-Mount Sabine Road, $95,000
  • Lorne: Normanby Terrace, from Erskine Street to end of Road, $58,000
  • Mount Duneed: Dickens Road, Ghazeepore Road to Surf Coast Highway $110,974
  • Paraparap: Forest Road, Larcombes Road to Grays Road, $310,000
  • Pennyroyal: Pennyroyal Wymbooliel Road, From Pennyroyal School Road to State Forest $118,000
  • Torquay: Fischer Street, Roundabout at Beach Road to Darian Road, $49,502
  • Torquay: The Esplanade, Beach Road to Darian Road $379,795
  • Torquay: Great Ocean Road, Bell Street to Hoylake Avenue $255,039
  • Torquay: Beach Road, Kooringa Place to Surf Coast Highway $100,000
  • Torquay: Fischer Street, Road Fischer Street - Roundabout at Beach Rd $37,500
  • Torquay: Bristol Road, Surf Coast Highway To Payne Street $59,824
  • Torquay: Horseshoe Bend Road - South Beach Rd to Start Dividing Carriage, $300,000
  • Torquay: Horseshoe Bend Road - Roundabout at South Beach Road, $212,254
  • Torquay: Darian Road from Surf Coast Highway to Fischer Street, $579,701
  • Winchelsea: Gosney Street, Armytage Street to Murrell Street $44,212
  • Winchelsea - Inverleigh: Flemings Road, Barwon Park Road To Bridge Over Warrambine Creek, $16,907
  • Winchelsea: Cape Otway Road, Lloyd Mews to Taylors Road $567,898
  • Winchelsea: Cape Otway Road - Brickmakers Road To Fultons Lane $50,542
  • Winchelsea: Cape Otway Road - Hendy Main Rd To Nr Lowndes Rd, $44,000
  • Winchelsea: Armytage Road, Kellys Lane To Cressy Road $135,068
  • Winchelsea: Gnawarre Road, 1000 metres from Peels Road to 1000 metres from Inverleigh Road, $108,577
  • Winchelsea: Cape Otway Road, Connies Lane To Gherang Road, $1,000,000
  • Winchelsea: Wormbete Station Road, Centre Rd To Wensleydale Station Rd $84,032
  • Winchelsea: Hesse Street - Princes Hwy To End Hesse Street, $62,473
  • Winchelsea: Hesse Street, Main Street to Armytage Street, $33,000
TOTAL: $6,358,732

City of Greater Geelong
  • Barwon Heads: Ewing Blyth Drive, Jetty Road to Bluff Road, $265,000
  • Breamlea: Blyth Street, Scott Street to Vagg Street, $25,000
  • Clifton Springs: Dandarriga Drive, Beacon Point Road to Narawi Avenue, $1,493,000
  • Ceres: Gully Road – Barrabool Road: $10,500
  • Charlemont: Barwarre Road from Reserve Road to Boundary Road, $45,291
  • Connewarre: Staceys Road, Barwon Heads Road to Lake Road, $20,000
  • Connewarre: Staceys Road from Lake Road, $36,459
  • Drysdale: Banks Road, $72,000
  • Drysdale: Soho Road between Murradoc Road to Andersons Road, $59,565
  • Leopold: Melaluka Road Intersection of Geelong-Portarlington Road and Melaluka Road, $200,000
  • Leopold: Melaluka Road, Geelong-Portarlington Road to Bellarine Highway, $760,000
  • Leopold & Portarlington: Clifton Avenue, Geelong-Portarlington Road, Point Richards Road, Geelong-Portarlington Road to Boat Road, Tower Road, and Geelong-Portarlington Road to Alison Street, $40,500 (Shared funding with road upgrades in the Corio electorate)
  • Marcus Hill: Maddens Lane, Swan Bay Road to Bellarine Highway, $48,000
  • Marshall: Drews Road, Orpington Crescent to Reserve Road, $19,000
  • Marshall: Barwarre Road, Grove Road to Ardeche Lane, $190,000
  • Moolap: Wellington Street, Townsend Road to Woods Road, $16,000
  • Moolap: Caledonia Street, from Geelong-Portarlington Road to Kildorary Street, $28,762
  • Moolap: Clifton Avenue between Geelong-Portarlington Road and Bellarine Highway, $67,142
  • Portarlington: Grassy Point Road, Batman Road to Mitchell Street, $80,000
  • St Leonards: Old St Leonards Road, 40 metres either side of Ibbotson Street intersection, $41,000
  • St Leonards: Ibbotson Street, commencing 0.4 kilometres north of Old St Leonards Road through to Martin Street, $71,000
  • St Leonards: Harvey Road, commencing 0.5 kilometres west of Ibbotson Street through to 0.7 kilometres east of Ibbotson Street, $49,000
  • Waurn Ponds: Ghazeepore Road, Whites Road to Mount Duneed Road, $40,000
TOTAL: $3,677,219

Black Spot Program:

The Australian Government is providing $744.5 million to the Black Spot Program between 2013-14 and 2021-22 to improve road safety across the nation, which includes more than $6.8 million for the following Coranagmite roads:
  • Anglesea: Forest Road Gums Flats Road to Nortons Road, $500,500
  • Lorne: William Street Otway Street to Smith Street, $129,900
  • Mannerim: Swan Bay Road from Maddens Lane to West of Portarlington Queenscliff Road, $861,000
  • Meredith: Meredith Steiglitz Road Pioneer Ridge Road to Eclipse Road, $499,000
  • Modewarre: Cape Otway Road Between Gherang Road and Considines Road, $1,155,000
  • Moolap: High Street from Coppards Road to Moolap Station Road, $368,000
  • Moriac: Cape Otway Road Taylors Road, $110,000
  • Mount Duneed: Horseshoe Bend Road McCanns Road to west of Thompson Creek, $499,800
  • Point Lonsdale: Lawrence Road Fellows Road, $58,000
  • Torquay: Blackgate Road Horseshoe Bend Road to Minya Lane, $804,000
  • Wurdiboluc: Cape Otway Road Between Marshmans Outlet Road and Parish Lane, $1,800,000
  • Wurdiboluc: Cape Otway Road 4km Section Around Wurdiboluc Reservoir, $60,000
TOTAL: $6,845,200

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