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Project Description

The Morrison Liberal Government is delivering an incredible $2.85 billion of budgeted funding in rail infrastructure to benefit Corangamite and the Greater Geelong region.


As announced on 22 March 2019 by the Prime Minister, the Morrison Liberal Government has delivered $2 billion in the 2019 Federal Budget for faster, more reliable rail between Geelong and Melbourne.

This project involves the upgrading of the line between Geelong and Wyndham and the construction of a second dual track between Wyndham and Sunshine, linking in to a dedicated track which will be constructed between Sunshine and Southern Cross station as part of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link (MARL) to which our government has contributed another $5 billion.

These construction works between Geelong and Sunshine have been costed at $4 billion and require matching funding by the state government.  Importantly, our fast rail commitment will:

  • fix Labor's botched Regional Rail Link which has resulted in overcrowded and unreliable train services and is treating Corangamite commuters as second class citizens; and
  • deliver a dedicated express track for Geelong trains for part of the journey, bypassing Melbourne west stations; and
  • deliver a 32 minute services between Geelong and Melbourne.

This investment is critically important. Sarah is now calling on State Labor to provide the matching funding required and to expedite completion of its fast rail business case.


 As announced on 1 April 2019, the Morrison Liberal Government has delivered another $700 million in the 2019 Federal Budget for the Geelong rail duplication project which involves constructing a duplicated track between Geelong and Waurn Ponds. This $700 million builds on the $150 million the Federal Liberals have already delivered in the 2017 and 2018 federal budgets for this vital project. Not only will a total of $850 million from the Federal Liberals fully fund the duplication of the track and upgraded stations between Waurn Ponds and South Geelong (with the Victorian Government contributing just 20 per cent of the cost), our government is also delivering $4 million to conduct a business case to upgrade the single line Geelong rail tunnel with some funding allocated to future construction works for this tunnel. The Geelong Rail Duplication project involves:
  • Stage 1: constructing a second platform and car parking at Waurn Ponds railway station, additional track and a pedestrian link, as well as the preservation of the Armstrong Creek  transit corridor.
  • Stage 2: constructing 12.6 kilometres of track between South Geelong and Waurn Ponds; second platforms and car parking at Marshall and South Geelong rail stations, a new rail bridge over the Barwon River and grade separation of the level crossings at Fyans Street and the Surf Cost Highway.
  • Stage 3: Upgrade of the 422 metre long South Geelong rail tunnel which is reaching the end of its useful life, is single track and has a steep grade that limits capacity.
Given Sarah secured $100 million in the 2017 Federal Budget, it is incredible that State Labor won't commence Stage 1 construction works until 2020.  Sarah has called on the state to bring forward its construction timetable.  Three years to start works is just unacceptable.