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The Morrison Liberal Government is delivering $30 million to fund two aquatic facilities in the Surf Coast and on the Bellarine.

I am delighted to launch a community petition at which calls on the state Labor Government to fix its funding shortfall for both the Surf Coast Aquatic Centre and the Bellarine aquatic facility.

As the Government’s representative in Corangamite, I am so proud of how we have worked together as a community to deliver this much needed infrastructure.

Surf Coast Aquatic Centre

While the Morrison Government is contributing $20 million to the proposed $38.5 million Surf Coast Aquatic Centre, the state Labor Government has committed only $10 million.

In order for Surf Coast Sire council to build this facility in Torquay, Labor needs to fix this $9 million funding shortfall.  Council has applied for a grant from the state government for this additional funding and it is essential that it is delivered. 

After years of this project being stymied including by the Labor Corangamite MP when she was a councillor, I am delighted that under the leadership of the Morrison Government and with the support of council we are so close to making this happen.

North Bellarine Pool

While the Morrison Government is delivering $10 million to fully fund a 50 metre outdoor pool and change rooms (Stage 1) in partnership with the City of Greater Geelong, the state Labor government has not committed any funding for a proposed indoor pool and ancillary facilities to be built adjacent to the outdoor pool (Stage 2).

Council is considering two possible locations in Drysdale, with a decision due in August 2020. I am delighted that council has set aside $750,000 for planning and design works and is open to allocating more funding depending on the final costing.

I thank the City of Greater Geelong led by Mayor Stephanie Asher for recognising the importance of this facility.

It is therefore critical that the state government steps up and commits to funding an indoor pool and other Stage 2 works.

Your voice matters

I am calling on Corangamite residents to sign my petition so that, together, we can secure all the funding we need for these pool facilities, vital for swimming safety, community health and well-being.


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