17 March 2019

Censure motion against Senator Fraser Anning

Today it was my honour to join the Geelong Islamic community at the Geelong Mosque to express by deep condolences following the terrorist attack at two mosques in Christchurch where 50 people were brutally murdered.

During my address, I denounced the statements made by Senator Fraser Anning, calling on him to resign. The Prime Minister has today stated that the Senator Anning must face the “..full force of the law” after he hit and punched a teenager who had ‘egged’ him. 

On 1 April 2019, the Government and the Opposition will move a Senate censure motion against Senator Anning “for his inflammatory and divisive comments seeking to attribute blame to victims of a horrific crime and to vilify people on the basis of religion, which do not reflect the opinions of the Australian Senate or the Australian people.”

My address included the following remarks:

“… To all members of the Geelong community – from all faiths who have gathered to support the Geelong Islamic community at a time when they need our love and support … and united we stand here together with the Imam and his community to say we are revolted what we have witnessed in New Zealand.

I also stand here as a member of the Australian Government – and I say very clearly –  we abhor what happened in New Zealand, the sheer brutal evil acts that we saw are beyond the comprehension of most of us.  And at this time while we are still recovering and trying to understand what happened, all of us say this was not done by an Australian – as Australians, one of the great hallmarks of who we are as Australians  – is that we are a tolerant, inclusive, fair and loving society.”

“I am very pleased that the Prime Minister has indicated in the past 24 hours that he intends to lead a censure motion against Senator Fraser Anning.

Imam – to you and your community, to everyone here, to the people of Geelong and Corangamite, I say these sentiments are disgusting. We will not stand by and allow that sort of sentiment to flow out of the Australian Parliament.

Yesterday, I called for Senator Anning to resign – he’s unfit to be a Member of the Australian Parliament. 

And I am very pleased that through the Minister for Immigration, the Minister for Home Affairs and of course our Prime Minister Scott Morrison, that we are calling this out and we will not stand by and tolerate these views.

Politics aside, politics has got nothing to do with this … it is disgraceful and disgusting – and as I say we will not stand by and hear those sentiments from any elected representative in this country.”

17 March 2019