26 February 2019

Backing Inverleigh residents over streetscape plan

It is clear that council’s streetscape plan does not have the backing of most Inverleigh residents.

While I support the beautification of the main street, this plan misses the mark.

In narrowing the Hamilton Highway and removing carparks from outside shops and the hotel, council has not adequately considered the impact on traders and road users including farmers. The road must be wide enough to accommodate farm machinery and other heavy vehicles.

I call on council to go back to the drawing board and on the State Labor government to guarantee that the Hamilton Highway will not be impacted.

On behalf of our government, I secured $5 million to fund a safety upgrade of the Hamilton Highway between Geelong and beyond Inverleigh. I have been proud to champion the importance of this major highway and it is time that State Labor made regional roads investment a priority.

Unless the streetscape plan is improved and receives broad community support, I won’t be supporting any council application for federal funding.

As I told the community meeting, maintaining the unique character of country towns is so important.

26 February 2019