10 February 2019

State Labor must fix the Geelong Mall

It is imperative that Premier Daniel Andrews acts quickly to address safety issues and the number of people sleeping rough in the Mall in Little Malop Street.

We need a permanent police presence in the Mall as the state Liberals promised, and we need a proper planning body to fix the planning and urban design issues with this part of central Geelong.

The Geelong Authority is nothing more than a ministerial advisory committee and is simply not doing the job.

Under our City Deal, the Morrison government is providing almost $22 million to upgrade central Geelong streets and laneways.

The Morrison Government is also providing the Victorian Government with $395 million this year to spend flexibly on housing and homelessness services under the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement.

This is a $21 million increase on the previous year.

I have been raising my concerns about the Victorian Government’s spending on housing and homelessness, particularly social housing.

As the only Liberal MP in the region, I say this is not good enough. It is time local Labor MPs including the Police Minister stopped sitting on their hands. The community deserves to know what’s been done to fix the Mall including the growing homelessness challenges in Geelong for which the state is responsible.


10 February 2019