31 January 2019

Apollo Bay community meeting to be held on international driver safety  

Once again, we are seeing a number of very concerning incidents involving international drivers.

I will be convening a community meeting on international driver safety on Friday 15 February 2019 at 6:00pm at the Apollo Bay Bowls Club, 6 Moore St, Apollo Bay. All are welcome.

The meeting will be an important opportunity to hear local concerns and discuss community support for further action on this very important issue.

The State Labor Government has simply not taken this issue seriously. It is not enough to erect signage along the Great Ocean Road.  We need tougher driver licensing laws and better driver education which should include driver testing. I also believe that hire cars should be fitted with technology, such an audio warning when turning, so that drivers are continually reminded to drive on the left.

Some international drivers are moving time-bombs. They do not have the skills or knowledge to drive on our roads, particularly one as challenging as the Great Ocean Road.

Victoria’s driver licensing laws are too lax. Anyone with a foreign driver’s licence can drive on our roads providing they have a copy of their licence in English.  Some countries issue driver licences without requiring proper driver training or experience.  This can lead to tragic consequences when they arrive in Australia for a holiday and hire a car.

Tourism is the lifeblood of the Great Ocean Road but overseas visitors must be safe on the roads and not cause danger to other drivers or pedestrians.

In October 2018, I joined Prime Minister Scott Morrison to announce $250,000 for an international driver safety campaign on the Great Ocean Road as part of our $154 million City Deal.  I again call on the state government to stop stonewalling our attempts to finalise the signing of our City Deal so that we can deliver this much needed budgeted funding.

31 January 2019