14 January 2019

Australia Day celebrations at risk under Labor’s Corangamite candidate

The opposition to Australia Day by Labor’s Corangamite candidate has put at risk local Australia Day celebrations if ever she was to be elected.

Last year, Labor’s candidate media told the Geelong Advertiser (26 May 2018):

“We do need to look at changing the date. The date on which we currently celebrate Australia Day is highly symbolic and it is worthy of debate given that so many of our first Australians find January 26 offensive.”

In contrast to the Labor candidate, I firmly believe in Australia Day being held on 26 January which is a day for all Australians to celebrate our great nation and its achievements.

The Morrison Government has announced it will protect Australia Day by ensuring that all councils around Australia conduct citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day. We also believe there should greater respect for our national day of celebration.

The extreme left-wing views of the Labor candidate in Corangamite show, yet again, that she would be an inappropriate federal representative.

As a local councillor with the support of a Labor aligned Mayor, I have been concerned for some time that Labor’s candidate would seek to undermine Surf Coast Shire citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day.

I am delighted that our government is taking very strong action to ensure that all councils are required to conduct citizenship ceremonies on 26 January, which prevents rogue councils from undermining Australia Day celebrations.

Under the changes to the Citizenship Code, councils will also be forced to hold a second ceremony on Australian Citizenship Day on September 17. For the first time, new citizens will be bound by a strict dress code.

As the Federal Member for Corangamite, it is a great honour to take part in citizenship ceremonies, including on Australia Day.

Only the Liberals will ensure that our national day of celebration is properly protected and respected.


14 January 2018