06 December 2018

A brighter future for Destination Queenscliff

I announce today that I have asked the Borough of Queenscliff to agree to re-scope Destination Queenscliff and remove the five star eco-cabins from the project.

The Destination Queenscliff project is supported by $3.48 million from the Morrison Government and is subject to a binding funding agreement.

With the ongoing controversy over the proposed eco-cabins, I believe council needs to be revert to constructing a limited number of new “camping ground” cabins consistent with the cabins already at the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve.

I have listened very closely to the community.  However, I do not intend to threaten and blindside the council as Lisa Neville did when she declared she was cancelling a funding agreement with council and reallocating $2.5 million to the Queenscliff community hub.  As the community now knows, Lisa Neville did not deliver on this commitment prior to the state election as she promised.  She needs to find an additional $2.5 million for the community hub and “not rob Peter to pay Paul.”

As I said in a media statement on 22 November 2018: “I believe council should reconsider its plan to construct high end eco-cabins and revert to utilising standard “camping ground” cabins at the Queenscliff recreation reserve.  This, I believe, would be much more acceptable to accommodation providers and the community at large. I intend to raise these matters with council accordingly.”

Under such circumstances, I do not believe there will be the same issues with obtaining planning and coastal consents.

As the camping ground cabins will much cheaper to construct, this will release more funding to be spent on public infrastructure.

I would like to see funding injected into central Hesse Street where most of the shops are located.  This will provide traders and the local economy with a major boost.

I trust that council will welcome this initiative and work constructively with the Commonwealth to vary our funding agreement and to consult positively with the community.

6 December 2018