13 November 2018

Media Statement: Alcoa chimney stack

I am calling on the people of Anglesea to email me with their views about Alcoa’s chimney stack.

I believe this is an eyesore and it should be removed. It is a blight on the landscape and no longer serves any purpose.

Already, I have received overwhelming feedback that the chimney stack must be removed. I have not received one email in support of it remaining.

I am also calling on Alcoa to immediately remove the debris from the demolished power station which may include asbestos. It is inexcusable that Alcoa plans to remove this over such a long period of time. Just imagine the risk this debris would pose to local residents if Anglesea was hit by a strong northerly wind.

On 29 August 2018, I met with Alcoa representatives and raised my concerns about the chimney and why it was not included in the Anglesea power station demolition. Alcoa advised me that many in the Anglesea community wanted the chimney to remain and that it had no plans to remove it. The Community Consultation Network April 2018 Meeting Snapshot published by Alcoa states: “the future of the chimney stack returned mixed feedback”. I am also concerned that Alcoa has not made public its community survey on the chimney stack and other issues.

I am asking Anglesea and district residents to email me at Sarah.Henderson.MP@aph.gov.au with their feedback.

Once again, we see Surf Coast Shire sitting on its hands on this issue including my Labor opponent. Whether it’s the Anglesea bike park, the Messmate Track or the demolition of Alcoa’s power station, she has failed to stand up for the people of Anglesea.

13 November 2018