30 October 2018

City Deal backs Apollo Bay and Skenes Creek projects

It was terrific to join Prime Minister Scott Morrison and meet Apollo Bay residents during his visit to Geelong yesterday announcing the Geelong City Deal.

I am delighted that the Morrison Government is contributing up to $12 million to the Apollo Bay Harbour upgrade and more than $5 million to the Great Ocean Walk.

The Apollo Bay funding includes $250,000 to undertake the detailed project design and put in place the project office to manage the implementation (capital works) phase, with any unspent funds allocated to capital works implementation.

This project is part of the detailed Apollo Bay Harbour Master Precinct Plan and will see the proposed redevelopment and expansion of the Apollo Bay harbour from its existing focus on commercial fishing to a wider range of recreational and entertainment purposes.

The package will include upgrades to the Mother’s Beach car park, Harbour Precinct entry road, Breakwater Road, Fisherman’s Co-op and restaurant, a new port operations depot, and a new boardwalk linking the town centre to the Harbour plaza.

I am also pleased the Great Ocean Walk will receive funding. The project involves two stages listed below:

Stage 1 – Wild Dog Creek to Skenes Creek ($5m)
This project links the communities of Apollo Bay to Skenes Creek via a pedestrian/cycle trail and is supported by a feasibility study. Following an initial payment of up to $100,000 to deliver the detailed cost and project plan, the project will receive up to $5 million for capital works.

Stage 2 – Skenes Creek to Surf Coast Walk ($350,000)
A $350,000 fund will go to a feasibility study to link Skenes Creek to the Surf Coast Walk, thereby connecting the Great Ocean Walk with the Surf Coast Walk. The feasibility study will consider the potential economic and tourism benefits for coastal towns and the broader region.

For further information on the Geelong City Deal and what it means for the region, please see my media release here.

30 October 2018