03 October 2018

Concerns over Alcoa’s plans for second demolition of Anglesea power station

I am concerned that Alcoa has not provided the Anglesea community with sufficient notice of the demolition of the power station.

While Alcoa has promoted the proposed timeframe being the first week of October, there has been, in effect, only one day’s notice.

While I appreciate that Alcoa is working hard to minimise any risks to health or safety, I do not believe that Alcoa has done enough to inform the community of tomorrow’s demolition.  Advertising, emails and letters to each resident or business is not sufficient.  I believe a door knock to every home and business in Anglesea should have been conducted this evening.

Given the proximity of the Anglesea Primary School and the local kindergarten, I am pleased that this is occurring during the school holidays.

Alcoa cannot guarantee that all asbestos in the power station has been removed.  I remain deeply concerned about the risk of asbestos fibres being released into the community.

I trust that this demolition will proceed successfully and without incident.

2 October 2018