16 August 2018

Speech: Marles’ arrogance on full display over Queens Portrait quiz

Today in the Parliament I spoke out against the arrogant and patronising plan by Corio MP Richard Marles to subject his constituents to a quiz in order to obtain a portrait of the Queen.

Mr Marles should immediately cease imposing these conditions on the presentation of nationhood materials and apologise to his constituents.

My speech is below:

I raise concerns about a member of the Australian Parliament who has refused to provide his constituents with a portrait of the queen unless they answer a quiz about the Australian Constitution.

Tomorrow afternoon the Member for Corio will set up a stall outside his office in Geelong.  

Anyone wanting a portrait must attend the stall where they will be subjected to the humiliation and embarrassment of being required to correctly answer questions about the Constitution.

As the Member for Corio told the Geelong Advertiser – this is to “gauge how genuine people are about celebrating Australia’s head of state.”

If they fail this quiz, they will be denied a portrait and offered – as some sort of consolation prize – a copy of the constitution.

What a pompous, demeaning, patronising and arrogant display of self-entitlement from someone who was lucky enough to graduate with a law degree from Melbourne University.

Not everyone who lives in Geelong or the Bellarine has studied constitutional law – but this arrogant Labor MP considers it appropriate to discriminate against those who are not as well educated as himself. 

Judy Ann, a nurse from Leopold – wrote to the Member saying – “I am an Australian citizen … Yet you expect me to jump through hoops for your pleasure and entertainment.”

Imposing these sorts of conditions on the nationhood materials paid for by the taxpayer is the height of arrogance from an out of touch Labor MP who’s taken his constituents for granted for far too long.

August 16 2018