26 June 2018

Marles declares war on Geelong workers and businesses

Corio MP Richard Marles has failed in his fundamental duty to put Geelong business and workers first.

In committing to increase company tax cuts on any company turning over more than $10 million a year, Mr Marles and Labor will impose another giant, job destroying tax on our region if ever Bill Shorten was to be elected.

Not only has Labor committed to ripping the Turnbull Government’s personal income tax cut away from 9 million Australians, they will now hit 20,000 businesses employing 1.5 million Australians with a tax sledgehammer. Labor has confirmed yet again they are for higher taxes on our economy, including small and medium sized businesses.

This company tax hike will hurt so many local businesses turning over more than $10 million including Cotton On and manufacturers like Viva Energy which employs around 700 people.

Labor’s promise to roll back $70 billion in personal tax relief and impose around $20 billion in tax hikes which will make Australian businesses less competitive.

Richard Marles has now declared a war on successful Geelong businesses which employ many hundreds of people and he is to be condemned.

26 June 2018