01 May 2018

How to lodge an objection to the redistribution proposal for Corangamite

The Australian Electoral Commission is currently conducting a redistribution of Victorian electoral boundaries.

Corangamite residents have up until 6.00pm on 4 May 2018 to object to the draft boundaries for the Corangamite electorate as proposed by the AEC.

It is an absolute honour to represent Corangamite residents.  This electoral redistribution is an important part of our democratic process and we need to ensure we have a strong voice for our community in the Parliament.

In preparing its draft boundaries, the AEC considered the following criteria:

  • numerical quotas for the number of voters in each electorate;
  • community of interests within the proposed electoral division including economic, social and regional interests;
  • means of communication and travel within the proposed electoral division;
  • the physical features and area of the proposed electoral division; and
  • the boundaries of the existing electoral divisions in Victoria.

Everyone is encouraged to provide their views to the AEC. It is vitally important that the community’s voice is heard.

At this stage of the process, the AEC is calling for Objections to the Redistribution Proposal in line with the above criteria.  Comments on objections will then be invited.  The AEC will make its final determination of Victorian electoral divisions on 13 July 2018.

I thank the many Corangamite residents who have contacted me about the redistribution proposal.

  • As I said when the draft boundaries were released, there is a very strong case for all of Colac Otway Shire to remain in the electorate.  The city of Colac, in many respects, is the heart and soul of this federation seat.  The communities of interest between Colac and Geelong – as well as between Colac and Winchelsea, Colac and Apollo Bay and Colac and Birregurra to name but a few – are exceptionally strong.  Severing Colac from the electorate would leave the city isolated from the many organisations and communities it services, particularly in the agricultural, tourism, health and education sectors. 
  • It is also disappointing that so much of Geelong has been removed from the Corangamite electorate which is detrimental to our city’s economic, social, educational and cultural interests.   The electorate’s character is defined not just by its coastline but by a rich tapestry of coastal and farming communities, national parks and lakes and the vibrant regional cities of Colac and Geelong. 
  • As a federation seat, the electorate takes its name from Lake Corangamite, an aboriginal word meaning “salty” or “bitter”.  Maintaining this aboriginal heritage and history is so important.

You can find out more about the AEC’s Redistribution Proposal and how to participate at: https://www.aec.gov.au/Electorates/Redistributions/2017/vic/objections.htm

  • Objections can be emailed to FedRedistribution-VIC@aec.gov.au or uploaded to the AEC’s website at https://formupload.aec.gov.au//Form?FormId=vicredistribution
  • Objections can be mailed to Redistribution Secretariat for Victoria, Australian Electoral Commission, GPO Box 768
    Melbourne VIC 3001

27 April 2018