24 April 2018

NBN rollout on the home straight for Colac and Winchelsea

The National Broadband Network rollout is now on the home straight for Colac, Colac East, Colac West, Elliminyt and Winchelsea, Member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson announced today, with the old telecoms network in the area set to be decommissioned and replaced by high-speed broadband.

The rollout to Corangamite has been completed in an incredibly short time, with more than 31,558 housholds making the switch since the NBN went live in the area 18 months ago.

As the old telecoms network is decommissioned, many users on the NBN fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) network can expect to experience a boost to their broadband speeds due to the removal of interference issues between old and new network technologies (depending on the internet plan purchased from their retail provider).

“The Turnbull Government is keeping household internet bills down and taxes lower by delivering fast, affordable broadband to Colac and Winchelsea quickly and cost-effectively,” Ms Henderson said.

While the majority of residents in Colac, Colac East, Colac West, Elliminyt and Winchelsea have already made the switch to the NBN, any residents who have not yet switched need to act if they want to keep an operational home phone and internet.

“Switching to the NBN is not automatic. Anyone still using a service on the old telecoms network will have received at least five letters reminding them to switch to the NBN – with the old network set to be decommissioned on 11 May 2018, now’s the time to switch to the NBN,” Ms Henderson said.

There are now 81,741 premises able to connect to the NBN in the electorate of Corangamite, a substantial increase from the just 2,180 of premises able to connect when the Coalition came into Government in 2013.

Ms Henderson said all residents in Colac, Colac East, Colac West, Elliminyt and Winchelsea can now take full advantage of the opportunities available in Australia’s new high-speed broadband era.

“The National Broadband Network provides a platform for innovation, enables greater productivity and opens up a range of social benefits for people living in Colac and Winchelsea,” Ms Henderson said.

“NBN plans are available from retailers at a range of price points – from basic home phone plans priced the same as the old telecoms network, up to high-speed broadband plans with unlimited data.”

Nationwide there are now more than 6.3 million homes and businesses able to connect to the NBN, and more than 3.5 million premises have connected.

23 April 2018