08 April 2018

Second electorate office to open in Murray St Colac tomorrow

I am very pleased that my new electorate office in Colac will open tomorrow at 10am.

The second Corangamite electorate office will be located at 139 Murray St, in the heart of Colac’s business district.

For the first time, new parliamentary regulations mean that members of parliament who represent an electorate of at least 5,000 square kilometres in size will be eligible to open a second office.

It will open all of this week from 10.00am to 3.00pm. As of next week, the office will be open three days a week, Wednesday to Friday, from 10.00am to 3.00pm.

The office will provide constituents from Colac and district and across the Colac Otway region with greater access to federal services and assistance. It will also be a very important way for me to stay in touch with the issues which matter in the western part of the Corangamite electorate.

Each and ever day, it is an honour to stand up and fight for the people of Corangamite.

The Turnbull government has delivered very substantial investments for the Colac Otway region including the duplication of the Princes Highway, the upgrade of the Great Ocean Road, many mobile base stations and major funding support for Central Reserve and Colac’s CBD.

8 April 2018