08 April 2018

Proposed change to electoral boundaries and name of Corangamite electorate

It is truly an honour to be standing up and fighting for the people of Corangamite.

I am pleased to confirm that the Liberal Party will be objecting to the draft boundaries and re-naming of the Corangamite electorate. 

There is a very strong case for all of Colac Otway Shire to remain in the electorate.  The city of Colac, in many respects, is the heart and soul of this federation seat.  The communities of interest between Colac and Geelong, including the social and economic links, are exceptionally strong.  Severing Colac from the electorate would leave the city isolated from the many organisations and communities it services, particularly in the agricultural, tourism, health and education sectors. 

I am also very disappointed that so much of Geelong has been removed from the Corangamite electorate which is detrimental to our city’s economic, social and cultural interests. 

Many organisations have already raised their concerns about this proposal. 

The electorate’s character is defined not just by its coastline but by a rich tapestry of coastal and farming communities, national parks and lakes and the vibrant regional cities of Colac and Geelong. 

As a federation seat, the electorate takes its name from Lake Corangamite, an aboriginal word meaning “salty lake”.  Maintaining this aboriginal heritage and history is so important.

I am concerned that the proposed new name has already prompted some ridicule on social media. 

8 April 2018