17 January 2018

More than 600 Geelong and Corangamite jobs created by $20 million regional funding boost


The Geelong and Corangamite region is the first to benefit with the Turnbull Government announcing funding for the first wave of successful projects under the Regional Jobs and Investment Packages.

The initiative is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to stimulate jobs and drive economic growth in Australia’s regions.

After an extensive assessment process involving strong community input, 21 projects totalling $20 million will be delivered in Geelong and Corangamite region, providing residents with a range of employment and investment opportunities.

More than 600 new jobs will be generated through the construction phase and a further 600 ongoing jobs will be created, with just over 200 of those ongoing jobs in advanced manufacturing.

The Coalition is committed to supporting regional Australia and as part of that commitment it is essential we help regions such as Geelong and Corangamite unlock their potential by investing in key projects that support their economic future.

This $220 million pilot programme, being rolled out in 10 regional locations across the nation, has been designed to diversify regional economies – particularly those that have undergone large structural changes – to help drive economic growth and job creation in these communities.

The 21 organisations set to benefit from today’s announcement highlight both the innovation and future business prowess of the region.

A range of projects will be delivered through this package including Australia’s first commercial carbon fibre manufacturing facility, which will help drive regional innovation.

Projects also include the delivery of an ecotourism facility on the Great Ocean Road, a new additive manufacturing and engineering centre at Geelong’s innovation precinct, and further investment in Geelong’s Waterfront – all of which will provide jobs and support the region for years to come.

Successful projects under the Regional Jobs and Investment Packages:

Lemond Composites Pty Ltd – $5 million
Design and construction of Australia’s first carbon fibre manufacturing facility using new reactor technology developed by researchers at Deakin University’s Carbon Nexus Laboratory.

COESR Pty Ltd – $3,288,925
Development of an ecotourism destination and retail precinct at Lake Modewarre, which will form part of a larger scale 650 acre development.

Conservation Ecology Centre Pty Ltd – $2 million
Development of a new tourism experience at Apollo Bay -Wildlife Wonders – where visitors will experience thenative flora and fauna of the Otways in a natural settingwith conservationists, guides and indigenousperspectives.

Royal Geelong Yacht Club – $2 million
Further development of the Geelong waterfront “Safe Harbour Precinct”, including building a new public pier, clubhouse, public facilities and event spaces.

Flat Glass Industries Pty Ltd – $1,980,197
Assisting Flat Glass Industries to transition from automotive glass manufacturer to manufacturing high performance architectural glass.

Conflux Technology Pty Ltd – $1,029,464
Construction of an Additive Manufacturing & Engineering Centre (AMEC) at the Geelong Innovation Precinct to ensure a supply of highly skilled professionals specialising in the additive manufacturing.

Pure Ponics Pty Ltd – $720,500
Expansion of the fish and plant aquaponics growing areas to increase capacity and pave the way for future expansion.

EMU (Aus) Pty Ltd – $545,826
Installation of new equipment to increase production of sheepskin footwear.

CMTP Pty Ltd – $500,000
Installation of a new automated timber resaw system to increase local production of timber products.

York Sourdough Pty Ltd as trustee for York Sourdough Unit Trust – $500,000
Establishing a jun kombucha brewing facility to provide local production of a range of probiotic drinks for local distribution and a view to developing products for export.

Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club Inc – $500,000
Redevelopment of the club house at Anglesea SLSC to provide enhanced operations and training facilities, community amenity and event spaces.

36T Pty Ltd  – $309,442
Establishment of an advanced manufacturing facility for the production and export of carbon composite bicycle wheels.

McMeckan Consulting Pty Ltd as trustee for The McMeckan Family Trust – $300,000
Construction of an outdoor cooking and instruction facility to add tourism attraction to Basil Farms and the Swan Bay area.

Capricorn Power Pty Ltd – $292,750
Manufacture of an innovative high-efficiency engine to convert waste heat to electricity – the Barton engine – as a pilot project.

Colac Otway Shire – $250,000
Implementation of Lake Colac Master Plan Stage 1 to improve amenities, community infrastructure and to provide additional attraction for tourists.

Australian New Energy Pty Ltd – $205,181
Installation of new equipment to increase packing capacity of waste wood and fibre products.

Australian New Energy Pty Ltd – $162,227
Installation of new equipment to increase production of waste wood and fibre products.

Homestead Australia Pty Ltd – $145,000
Expand and upgrade the tourism offering at Tarndwarncoort (Tarndie) heritage homestead by expanding accommodation, providing public amenities and event spaces.

CPS (Colac) Pty Ltd as trustee for CPS Trust – $100,000
Installation of new equipment to allow for dye-sublimation fabric printing, which will increase local garment production and reduce reliance on imported products.

DRW Investments Pty Ltd – $95,000
Installation of workshop equipment that will promote heavy vehicle safety and increase local capacity to service heavy vehicles.

Teamworks Performance Pty Ltd – $70,000
Upgrades to the TWP manufacturing facility which will improve local garment manufacturing and reduce the need to source garments from overseas.
17 January 2018