09 November 2017

Marand commits to build LAND 400 military vehicles in Geelong

In what is a major win for Geelong and our manufacturing future, BAE System’s lead partner on the Land 400 project, Marand, is in advanced negotiations with Ford Australia to base its LAND 400 operations at Ford’s site in North Geelong. These include negotiations to acquire part of the historic Ford factory.

Over a number of years, I have pushed for our region to be at the forefront of the $5 billion Phase 2 LAND 400 defence contract. Since BAE Systems announced in August 2017 that it had selected Victoria as its Land 400 home, I have advocated for Marand to base its LAND 400 operations in Geelong.

Marand’s decision to select Geelong as its LAND 400 home is a terrific win for local manufacturing workers. I trust that Ford and Marand can finalise a deal which builds on our city’s unique history as a premiere centre of vehicle manufacturing.

I am absolutely delighted and thank Marand and BAE Systems for recognising the advantages that Geelong brings to the LAND 400 project.

I also wish to want to acknowledge the advocacy of all Victorian coalition MPs who have worked very hard to bring LAND 400 jobs to regional Victoria.

In what is very exciting news, BAE Systems has selected Marand to manufacture the AMV35’s turret shell as well as the hull of the vehicle. This represents an additional $15m of work for Marand which will deliver 60 new jobs in total to Geelong if BAE Systems wins the LAND 400 tender.

It was wonderful to join BAE and Marand for the official announcement at the Ford factory this morning.

Victoria is Australia’s premiere manufacturing state. We have the highly skilled workforce, the advanced manufacturing expertise and the defence supply chain unmatched by anything on offer in Queensland. As our manufacturing industry continues to transition, securing this multi-billion dollar project is of critical importance to the Victorian economy.

I wish to acknowledge the Victorian Government’s work and substantial financial investment in partnering with BAE Systems to secure its commitment to Victoria.