28 September 2017

Landcare project restores threatened habitat

The Golden Sun Moth, the Brolga and Corangamite Water Skink are among the wildlife to benefit from a Turnbull government National Landcare Program (NLP) in Victoria.

The NLP PlainsTender project has now invested $1m to improve 1,328 hectares of degraded habitat in the threatened Victorian Volcanic Plains (VPP).

The VVP stretches from Melbourne in the east across to the South Australian border in the west including the magnificent coastal areas of the Corangamite region.

The NLP PlainsTender project leverages off 10 years of work between the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and private landholders keen to make a lasting change to their local environment to ensure its resilience and diversity.

The management authority estimates that only 4.5 per cent of the 2.3 million hectares volcanic plains area is estimated to be native vegetation, most of which is found on private land.

It’s a great example of how Victorian landholders are successfully regenerating and protecting endemic flora to provide essential wildlife habitat.

The Victorian Volcanic Plains are a biodiversity hotspot – home to 65 nationally-threatened plant and animal species.

Under the NLP PlainsTender, landholders are accessing expert advice and funding to implement long-term ecological management practices, including weed control, pest control, strategic-grazing measures, supplementary planting and fencing to protect existing vegetation.

One of 11 participants in the NL Plains Tender reclaimed 65 hectares of his 930 hectare farm once used solely for grazing.  He’s established three rejuvenated sites, including a 17 hectare grassy wetland featuring seven species of tussock and two wetlands of 10ha and 38ha respectively, featuring salt-tolerant Wallaby Grass which now provides a nesting ground for Brolgas.

It’s wonderful to hear how the NLP has made this grazier’s farming life more enjoyable and his hopes for eventually returning this 38 hectare wetland to its original habitat.

28 September 2017