04 September 2017

Roads to Recovery funding welcomed

I am delighted to announce $8.41m for 20 new road projects across Corangamite as part of the Turnbull Government’s Roads to Recovery Program.

Roads to Recovery funding is used to upgrade roads chosen by councils, ensuring that local knowledge is used to select the best local road projects.

Under the current five year program, City of Greater Geelong, Borough of Queenscliffe, Colac Otway Shire, Golden Plains Shire and Surf Coast Shire will share in a total of $40.54m in funding.

The $350m program is set to be extended by a further $50m per annum from 2019-20, bringing our annual commitment for Roads to Recovery to $400m.

Projects are either fully funded by the Federal Government or jointly funded with local councils. The latest road projects to receive federal funding under the Roads to Recovery Program are as follows:

City of Greater Geelong

  • Sealing works on Malop Street, Geelong from Moorabool Street to Yarra Street $1.522m
  • Reconstruction works on Ormond Road, East Geelong from Garden Street to McKillop Street $1.5m

Borough of Queensliffe

  • Approximately 150 metres of sealing and drainage works on Bowen Road, Point Lonsdale from Point Lonsdale Road $111,274
  • Sealing and drainage works on Nelson road, Point Lonsdale $120,000

Colac Otway Shire

  • Widening and pavement works on Aireys Street, Elliminyt $570,000 and an additional $65,000 for final sealing works
  • Sealing works to Busty Road, Apollo Bay $45,000
  • Drainage, widening and sealing works to Conns Lane, Birregurra $1.031m
  • Sealing works to Nalangil Road, Corunnun $30,000
  • Sealing works to Old Yeo Road, Yeo $20,000
  • Sealing works to Ryans Road, Irrewarra $33,000
  • Sealing works to Sheehans Road, Cororooke $35,000
  • Sealing works to Trasks Road, Yeo $21,000

Golden Plains Shire

  • Widening and linemarking work to Mason Road, Bannockburn $90,000
  • Pavement, kerb and drainage works to McPhillips Road, Bannockburn $650,000
  • Resheeting and sealing works to Meredith -Mt Mercer Road, Meredith $210,000

Surf Coast Shire

  • Widening and pavement works to Cape Otway Road, Moriac between Considines Road and Taylors Road $554,442 (total project cost $568,000)
  • Widening and pavement works to Cape Otway Road, Winchelsea between Connies Lane and Gherang Road $1m
  • Culvert and pipe works to Gnarwarre Road, Gnarwarre between Barrabool Road and Mount Pollock Road $91,259 (total project cost $97,000)
  • Kerb, drainage and pavement works to Hesse Street, Winchelsea between Main Street and Armytage Street $350,000 (total project cost $408,000)
  • Widening and pavement works to Horseshoe Bend Road, Torquay from South Beach Road to Blackgate Road $368,000 (total project cost 1.096m)

The Roads to Recovery Program supports councils with the ongoing maintenance of Australia’s local road infrastructure, facilitating greater access and improved safety, economic and social outcomes.

With the use of local knowledge, the Turnbull Government’s Roads to Recovery Program will ensure funding is delivered to where it’s needed most.

1 September 2017