27 April 2017

Meredith school crossing upgrade welcomed

I was delighted to inspect the completed Meredith Primary School crossing upgrade on the Midland Highway last week.

After speaking with local residents including parents and teachers, in 2013 I launched a community petition calling for the installation of electronic speed limit signs for Meredith Primary School.

Given the blind bend in the road just north of the school and the increased traffic on the Midland Highway, road safety is a real issue for the Meredith school community.

The electronic warning signs clearly identify when the 40kph speed zone applies.

Fighting for this upgrade has been a long hard battle.

Given the volume of traffic on this road, the State’s reluctance to invest in such an important safety measure is difficult to understand.

I wish to congratulate the Meredith community which never gave up, particularly local parents including Stef Parkinson, school council president of Meredith Primary School.

24 April 2017