09 September 2016

Landcare funding boost for Corangamite

National Landcare Week (5 – 11 September) is well under way and Australians around the country are celebrating the true grassroots success story of Landcare.

For over 25 years Landcare has shown vision and commitment, becoming one of our most enduring and successful environmental movements.

In Corangamite we are fortunate to have many active Landcare groups, working hard to support our farmers to keep their land healthy and productive, while taking practical action to look after and restore our local environment.

I am delighted to announce that over $80,000 in Federal funding has recently been allocated under the Sustainable Agriculture Small Grants program to projects in Corangamite.

$54,750 has been contributed to not-for-profit farming group, Southern Farming Systems, to install real time soil moisture probes in the Inverleigh, Winchelsea and Bannockburn regions. The information collated by these probes will be transmitted to 60 other devices throughout South West Victoria, Gippsland and North East Tasmania to improve profitability, production and natural resource management by assisting farmer planning in high-rainfall areas.

Woady Yaloak Catchment Group’s has also been allocated $29,225 to conduct research into the catchment region’s soil types. The group will analyse a large database of historical data on soil fertility to better assist fertiliser management.

The Turnbull Government is committed to supporting better natural resource management, having invested $1 billion in the National Landcare Program over four years.

This includes more than $450m in regional funding directed through to Australia’s 56 natural resource management organisations.

I have been delighted to support Landcare groups in Corangamite and the vital work they do.

In September 2015, the Turnbull Government committed $500,000 over three years to support local Landcare groups to protect grasslands, woodlands and wetlands of Victoria’s volcanic plains, and the magnificent coastal areas of the Corangamite region.

In May this year, I also announced over $37,000 in grant funding to support local coast care groups including Ocean Grove Coast Care, Jan Juc Coastcare and Friends of Edwards Point.

For more information on the National Landcare Programme, visit nrm.gov.au/national-landcare-programme

9 September 2016