28 June 2016

Coalition Provides $68m for new Worksafe HQ in Geelong

The Turnbull Coalition Government, through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, is providing $68 million to ensure the new WorkSafe headquarters in Geelong is a market- leading 5.5 star energy efficient building.

“This financing from the CEFC will make the new WorkSafe building one of the most energy efficient in the country,” Ms Henderson said.

“This will be the first multi-story building outside of Melbourne to have a 5.5 star rating.” “This is great news for the environment and it’s great news for jobs in Geelong.”

The new WorkSafe building at 1 Maloop Street will merge the original heritage Dalgety & Co. building into a landmark property of 14 stories.

The Turnbull Coalition Government’s $1 billion Cities Fund will support projects like these, along with the ground-breaking $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund.

“This is about putting the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to work, driving investment in renewable energy and improving the energy efficiency of our cities,” Minister for Environment, Greg Hunt said.

“The Turnbull Coalition Government is making sure Geelong gets its fair share of new investment and jobs. By contrast, Labor’s plan is about driving up energy costs and destroying jobs.”

28 June 2016