27 May 2016

Positive labour force figures – April

More locals are entering the workforce with more positive news on Geelong’s unemployment rate, down 0.9 percentage points over the year to 6.3 percent.

Encouragingly, official figures also show a significant fall in the youth unemployment rate locally, down four percentage points over 12 months.

The latest labour force figures show we are moving in the right direction.

While the ALP is spruiking its spend-o-meter, I’ve been working with industry and local employers to create real job opportunities including:

  • up to 260 jobs at a new Australian Bureau of Statistics national data centre
  • Almost 850 new jobs under the Geelong Region Innovation and Investment Fund
  • $14m for an Advanced Manufacturing Industry Growth Centre, further supporting local job creation
  • $3.1m Geelong Region Job Connections program

The government’s focus on job creation is delivering real dividends which can be seen nationally – more than 300,000 new jobs were created in 2015, the best job creation result since 2006.

Our record of achievement is supported by a plan to create yet more opportunities for young job-seekers. The government’s Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare Train and Hire) will help 120,000 vulnerable young people into jobs.

We’re giving young people real work experience with real employers leading to real jobs. And local employers will benefit by giving our youth a go with upfront incentives for hosting an intern as part of the PaTH programme.

The release of the latest positive employment figures coincided with a visit to Corangamite by Minister for Employment Senator the Hon. Micaelia Cash. The Minister and I are highly encouraged by the support of local businesses for the government’s commitment to addressing youth unemployment across the region.

Kings Cars, with which the Minister for Employment and I visited yesterday, is another local small business strongly supportive and enthusiastic about the benefits of our $840.3 million Youth Employment Package, including the Youth PaTH programme.

I look forward to discussing the PaTH programme and any other matter with residents at my mobile office tomorrow morning – details below:

Saturday 28 May | 9.30am – 11.30am | near Aldi, 149 High Street Belmont

27 May 2016